About Us

We here at Goofyloopies has spent much time in research and dedication to learn our products, learn our customers and learn the best way to make the two come together and become something beautiful.  

The bases of our business started by having the desire to be crafty and make creative gifts for friends and family.  The more I created and made - the more interest I had from my peers.  Many of my friends started coming to me and asking if I had I ever thought of making things to sell.  I had not thought of that before because I loved the idea of just crafting when I wanted to on the whim and seeing the smiles on the faces of those that were receiving these gifts.  One day I realized I really didn't have the room or space to craft for just myself.  With that desire, I wanted to take it further.  The idea of others having things I crafted in there homes or giving them to others as gifts fascinated me.  So, I started selling.  Eventually I started putting my items on Etsy.  Now, I have come a long way with the help of family and friends to extend this great desire I have.  I am so excited to be where I am today with Goofyloopies.

Its is so interesting to see all the ideas and designing others come up with when they place an order.  To me - it's a beautiful thing.

So, who are we you ask.  We are a small family of four living in a small town called Nashville, NC.  My husband and I were high school sweethearts and are two totally different people.  I am a go getter and he - well he is a planner.  No surprises with him.  I love to take something and see what I can make with it.  I usually think of the idea and then he has to make it happen.  We work great together since we are so different.  We work to put both of our "insights" together and make it happen.  We have 2 teenage boys.  And guess what - they to are both different.  Each of us have our own special talent in which works well in making Goofyloopies successful. 

Who are we?  We have great faith in our Lord and Savior.  We are active church goers and servants.  Goofyloopies has been built upon faith, belief, and trust whole heartily in God. We believe that without Him, none of this is possible.  

So, in the end; who are we?  Our values are built on truth, honesty, belief and commitment in giving 100%.

Find us, follow us.  Let us serve you.